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معادن سرمک

Sormak Mining

دپارتمان مواد معدنی و سنگ های معدنی

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Sormak Mines Company was founded in 1972 with the primary goal of extracting and processing Lead Ore, Silver, and Iron Ore in Ahangaran Mine located in Malayer city. Lead, Silver and Iron Ore is currently extracted from this mine based on the modern technology by Iranian experts. In recent years, gilsonite is extracted from the Garaveh Mine of Qasr Shirin using the modern technology, and it is processed in the plant, and micronized powder is produced in Bistoon Kermanshah, known as the largest supplier of natural bitumen, as well as exporter of this high-quality product, so that it has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers. Using bitumen as very rare and valuable material in the world, Sormak Company has succeeded in producing specific asphalt and anti-corrosion coatings and insulators, as well as a special type of mastic, primer and enamel. With an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of Gilsonite, Sormak Mine Company is the first producer and processor of this material in Iran. This company production capacity is about 5,000,000 tons of iron Ore, 10,000 tons of Lead Concentrate, and 20,000 tons of Zinc Concentrates per year. The company achieved this goal by having an efficient and expert staff of more than 300 people. this company have taken effective steps in the development of lead and zinc industries, melting, bitumen, insulation and road construction, as well as the development of the production and export of these minerals in recent years.


No.1, West Chahar Bagh St., Chahar Bagh Sq., Jannat Abad Ave., Tehran, Iran.



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