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صادرات و گسترش انرژی پیشرو


دپارتمان صنایع نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی

مدیرعامل/نماینده صادراتی



شرح فعالیت

Sanergy is a general contractor for executing Turnkey/EPC Projects in the international markets with the capacity to provide Finance Facilities and investment, providing of designing, Engineering, procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning in Power, Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Water Industries as following: 1. Power: Power transmission Lines and Substation (HV, MV &LV), Wind Farms and Small Hydro Power Plants. 2. Oil and Gas: Gas pressure reduction stations (TBS & CGS), Metering Station, transmission Pipe Lines (onshore & offshore) and Offshore Platforms and Steel Structures. 3. Water and Waste Water: Treatment Plants, Pump Station, Transmission Lines, Distribution and Irrigation Network.


Unit 2, No 31, Satari blvd, Afrigha blvd. Tehran – I.R. Iran



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