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صنایع غذایی خوشاب

khoushab Food Products

دپارتمان مواد غذایی

مدیرعامل/نماینده صادراتی



شرح فعالیت

Company's history goes back over half a century, that was established by father of the tomato paste and compote industry, deceased Haj Mashallah Babaei. This company has been active in the production, distribution and supply of all kinds of compote, canned food and tomato paste .This company has all the licenses for the manufacture and standard stamp of the competent authorities. Khoushab company with recruiting experts and using the latest science and fully automatic devices, has started mass production with beautiful and varied packaging and high quality; and now, it has extensive activity in domestic and overseas markets with Khoushab and Roya brands.


Mashahd, Khorasan Province, Iran



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