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ایرانگردی گشت تور

iran gasht tour

دپارتمان خدمات، خدمات بانکی، بیمه، صادرات و واردات

مدیرعامل/نماینده صادراتی



شرح فعالیت

Gashttour Travel and Tour Agency was ranked the first nationwide in terms of attracting highest tourists for the fourth in recent years. Iran Gashttour travel and tour Agency is established 1989 and has been awarded 4 times (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017) by Iran Tourism department as the highest profile in Iran for attracting the highest number of tourists and best services in Iran. Besides, Gashttour Agency received golden emblems in the title of National Exemplary exporter in these years in the field of the tourism industry.


Shiraz, Iran



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