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دلتا تکنولوژی

Delta Offshore Technology

دپارتمان عملیات عمرانی، سازه های فلزی و مهندسین مشاور

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Delta Offshore Technology (Delta) was established in June 2009 to provide engineering, construction and management services to offshore projects with the core activity of offshore installation and operations in shallow and deep waters. Founders aim to achieve the highest quality standards in provision of intended services without compromising the health and safety of human resources or creating any undue risk to the environment. Pursuing satisfaction of our clients in the energy industry, we tackle each challenge with safe, reliable and innovative solutions. Tailored solutions within budget expenditure, open and responsive relationship with clients, proactive engineering and management with timely and safe delivery of services are part of our key deliverables


No.183, 24th St., Nasr Blvd.(Gisha), Tehran-Iran



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