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تولید روی بندرعباس

Bandar Abbas Zinc Production

دپارتمان مواد معدنی و سنگ های معدنی

مدیرعامل/نماینده صادراتی



شرح فعالیت

ccording to Article 2 of the Statute of Bandar Abbas Zinc Production Company (limited), the main activities of this company are as follows: – Extraction and exploitation of the mines in order to provide minerals and non-ferrous metals. – Construction of factories for the processing minerals and preparation of metals such as copper, lead, and zinc and also alloys and minor compounds of metals. – Imports and exports, commissioning, and buying or selling materials and products. – Investment in other companies and obtaining the representation from other domestic and foreign companies.


No. 15, Zarir Alley, Turkmenistan Street, Motahhari Avenue, Tehran, Iran.



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